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100 Miles Later

Today, I accomplished three pretty cool things. And I'm not talking about finishing off the marriage course my wife and I have been teaching. That went great, by the way. But more on that later.

No, I'm talking about three accomplishments associated with running. Let me set the stage. I started running for the first time in my life back at Thanksgiving (2008). For Christmas, about a month later, my wife gave me an iPod nano and the Nike+iPod kit. This allows me to track my running (I could go on and on about how awesome it is). I did run several times before I got my Nike+iPod hook up. But, since Christmas, I've been able to seriously track my progress.

You may also know that I'm training to run a half marathon. The Nike+iPod site created a training program for me. Today was a "long run" for me. And on that run, three things happened.

1) I ran seven miles. This was the longest run of my life.

2) I broke 100 miles using the Nike+iPod set up. I am the 314,064th person on the Nike website to have accomplished this goal. When I went on the site, a printable certificate popped up. These people really know how to motivate me.

3) I ran the seven miles at an average pace of 8 minutes, 42 seconds per mile. This was my fastest pace ever. My overall average for the 106 miles has been 9 minutes, 45 seconds. My next fastest pace was 9 minutes, 2 seconds per mile.

I am so grateful for this new hobby/sport.