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A picture I took today at the PMA

This is the 1000th post on this blog. I started this blog, with another name, on December 21st, 2005. It was the day of the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. I was 34 years old.

My children were little girls. Our church, Church of the Redeemer, was only 18 months old. We were small, meeting on Sunday evenings in a borrowed space. I was happily married to Laura.

Today is June 21st, 2013, the day after the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. I'm 41 years old. My children are in their summer before Middle School (for one) and High School (for the other). I'm still happily married to Laura!

I'm in Philadelphia today, on our way up to Martha's Vineyard for vacation. Church of the Redeemer is thriving, much larger than it was back in 2005. I've spent a lot of time over the past 18 months working on a book, a book I'm in the process of preparing to send out for "peer review."

I don't blog all that much, except to post movie reviews. I'm glad I started blogging. Looking back, there are some posts I've considered taking down. Some are too personal, some too judgmental. But I'm not one to change history. All in all, I'm happy there's a record out there. I'm terrible at journal keeping, so there's a sense in which this has been my public journal.

Seven and a half years later, my life is much better. Laura and I are great, I love her SO MUCH, and I'm so proud of her now that she's a year away from finishing Law School. Our girls are becoming amazing young women. I have much better friendships now than I did back then. I'm happier in my vocation. I'm excited for the future. I feel that I know God better, that I'm a better minister, and that I'm less of the worst of me.

God is good.