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On August 5th, I will be thirty-five years old. Several things now happen.

1) Most importantly, I am now able to run for President of the United States. I am a white male. If I had millions of dollars, was still an Episcopalian, and my father had been a Senator, I would be a shoe-in.

2) On forms, I am no longer 21-34. I am 35-50. Or 35-55.

3) I should be careful about getting pregnant. Oh, wait . . .

4) I am no longer a "Young Adult" by the definition of that term I used when ministering to young adults.

5) When I worked as a youth minister in San Antonio, there was a priest who was 35 who was always trying to be friends with me. I thought he was a bit old to be hanging out with me. I am now that guy.

6) If I live to see 70, I am now middle-aged.

7) I have out-lived: Yuri Gagarin, Eva Peron, Richard II, John Belushi, Bruce Lee, John Bonham, Alexander the Great, Franz Shubert, Nero, Patsy Cline, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Christopher Marlowe, Jim Morrison, Keith Green, and Jimi Hendrix. I am coming up on Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Andy Kaufman and Mozart.

8) I am the same age Martin Luther King was when he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

I am grateful to have made it this far, to have a wonderful wife and two great kids. I have friends, I have a job, I have food and clothes and shelter. I even have things I enjoy. All in all, its been a pretty good 35.

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