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A Pirate in Plano

I am in Plano, Texas for a meeting of my "network" within the Anglican Mission in America. Right now, I'm in my hotel room.

My right eye has been hurting for a few days, so I went to see the eye doctor yesterday. Turns out I have a contusion (wound) on my cornea. He said it was large and "bad" and looked painful. He gave me antibiotic drops, and says that it will take at least a week to heal up. I can not wear a contact lens on that eye until it heals. Also, the contact lens I have seems damaged, and may have been the cause or the result of the wound, and I will need to be fitted with a new one, once the eye is healed of course.

The thing that really stinks about this is that, as many of you know, I have an eye condition that makes me basically blind without the use of my hard contact lenses. So, for the next week or more I will be blind in one eye. And, when I just wear the other contact I get a huge headache unless I am also wearing an eye patch. That's right, an eye patch, like a pirate. So, it is either basically blindness in both eyes or an eye patch for me. And, this all means that driving is something I really shouldn't do.

I have asked for prayer from a bunch of people, and am actually doing really well. I feel good, and am getting comfortable with the patch. So, that's me.

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