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A Story About Exorcism

This week I preached about casting out demons at my church. You can find that sermon here, if you are interested.

Earlier last week, I had listed to a great story from Andrew Solomon via the Moth podcast. This story is also about casting out demons, but from a very different perspective.

I have recorded a short introduction and placed Mr. Solomon's story on my own podcast. I encourage you to take a listen here. I do not know if what I have done is legal, but I hope that it is.

I forward this story on to you for a few reasons. First, you really should listen to The Moth's podcasts. Seriously, they are great. Second, Andrew Solomon's book looks really cool, though I have only begun to read it. (Now if I have violated any laws, at least I have done so in a helpful way). Third, it's a really good story.

But mainly I forward this story on to you because I think it raises a lot of good points about liturgy, worship, and community. It helps me think about my own engagement in healing, especially healing of non-physical wounds. And it gives me encouragement that the modernist, talk-therapy way is not the only solution (as helpful as it has been sometimes to me and countless others).

OK, enough said. Have a listen. It's up on HajjPod right now.