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Acquaintance of Emergent

I have just added something new to my blog. Its the logo on the right, and I put it down in my sidebar. I actually made it up. It says I am an "acquaintance" of Emergent.

You see, a lot of my friends have "Friend of Emergent" logos, with the link to the Emergent Village website. I have found a couple of other "spoofs," which I am putting at the end of this article if you want to see/use them. However, none of them expressed what I want to say.

I am peripherally involved in the "Emergent Conversation." If you don't know what that is, go here. Or maybe here.
Its basically a movement within the Western, white, Protestant-derived, church. The articles can tell you a lot.

I have read several "Emergent" books. I have been to a couple of Emergent events. Once a month, I attend my local Emergent Cohort (a group that engages in discussions around the questions that the emerging church is asking). I have friends who are definitely "friends of Emergent."

However, I am not ready to say I am "emergent" or "emerging." The way I see it, most of what is good in Emergent is already found in the Anglican tradition (my church tradition). And if the good stuff isn't there, I find the Radical Orthodoxy conversation to be more rich and engaging than Emergent.

However, I have an affinity for the Emergent thing. I like the folks, generally. I think they are asking good questions. Sometimes they are off-base, even juvenile. Sometimes one of the leaders of the movement will say something that is simply wrong. Sometimes I wonder if Emergent isn't just Evangelicals discovering Christian Liberalism . . . with candles.

All in all, I think Emergent is an important conversation in the Church. So, while I am not a "friend of Emergent," I am willing to say I am an acquaintance of it. I know it, I see it around town, I can describe it to others. I know its e-mail address, but not its cell number. I don't call it up to hang out. I don't have really deep conversations with it, but I will talk politics or religion when we run into each other and I've had a beer. But, simply put, we're not close.

Oh, and I don't know if my little "acquaintance" logo is legal or not. So, if you want to use it, go ahead. But you're in the same peril that I may be in. I just hope that friends don't sue . . . acquaintances.

Other "spoofs":

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