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Albert Haynesworth Should Be Fired

Today, the Titans announced that Albert Haynes- worth will return to the team. Given his brutal assault of another human being on the football field, this fan believes he should never play in the NFL again. And, if he plays in the NFL, it shouldn't be here.

I am all about forgiveness. Heck, I'm a Christian. If he is repentant, I'm sure God forgives him. And I hope that even the man he attacked forgives him, for the sake of his own soul. I hope Albert forgives himself.

But this was the most atrocious act in the history of the NFL. I'm glad he's getting counseling, I'm glad he's remorseful. That's awesome, good for him. But his behavior is awful, he brings the team down, and demeans the entire organization. This guy should be in jail, not the Coliseum. (One might even notice that his "back-ups" are doing a better job than he did). This sort of salvation-by-short-term-psychotherapy thing is ridiculous.

I forgive him, if he needs any forgiveness from me. I don't want anything bad to happen to him. But he can not be trusted to wear cleats and play the game. And he is a terrible example to the youth of Tennessee.