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America Has Shitty Gods: My Response to Mass Shootings

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America worships shitty gods. I’m not talking about the O.G. (Original God). I’m talking about these pathetic losers we’ve elevated to our star-spangled pantheon.

A “god” is a higher power—a power we believe is greater than ourselves. We expect that our gods will take care of us if we worship them correctly. That’s the basis of all pagan religion, and America is rife with paganism. 

The various gods claim different areas of influence. Athena will make you wise, but Poseidon with give you fish. Of course, they don’t do that for nothing. You have to sacrifice to them (which is, literally, what worship is—sacrifice). You need to say your prayers correctly, wash your face correctly, tie your scarf correctly. You also need to kill the right thing at the right time and in the right way, whether its a fish, goat, cow, or (sometimes) human. The more costly the sacrifice, the greater the power.  

But here’s the Big Reveal: the gods are liars. They’re bloodthirsty losers who are just in it for the sacrifices. They don’t give a shit about their worshipers. None of them have the power that they claim, many don’t have any power at all. As the Bible says, “they have mouths, but they can’t speak; they have eyes, but they can’t see.” (Psalm 115:5)

Regardless of which gods are our personal favorites, we sacrifice to them and we expect them to look after us. Let’s look at how this works out in real life. We’ll take the most recent mass shootings as our example. 

Comfort those who mourn.

Comfort those who mourn.

As soon as a mass-shooting happens, we Americans turn to our heart-religion. While some cling to the god of Government Omnipotence (GO), others defend the god of Armed Self Defense (ASD). 

GO worshipers believe that passing laws will end the scourge of mass shootings. This isn’t simply about statistics and probabilities, this is an article of faith. These are often the same worshipers who believe in GO’s ability to solve other problems, like on-line hate speech, sexist bosses, and racism among cops. They are willing to make great sacrifices to GO for his intervention. Personal privacy, freedom of speech, and other people’s tax money are no barrier. Feed GO and he will protect us! Violence isn’t about the human heart, they think. It’s about what product the human is using. Take away the gun, and everything will be fine. 

ASD worshipers, on the other hand, believe that (in this case) GO is powerless. Of course, he isn’t powerless against all those Mexicans coming across the border. In that case, GO is a wonderful, powerful god. But against guns, GO must be stopped. After all, ASD is a tender god, a fragile being in need of defense. His followers must arm themselves to the teeth (an average of 7 guns per owner) in order to defend this pathetic god. Otherwise intelligent people succumb to irrational talking points drummed up by the NRA priests to ensure that no one gets within a thousand miles of their faith. They believe that, if they don’t arm themselves to the teeth, some totalitarian state will kill them and take their stuff. They sacrifice their money, their anger, their rational thoughts, and even other people’s lives against this fear.

One can easily see that both groups are fighting for their faith. If they weren’t, they would work together for sensible resolution. But that would mean acknowledging the weakness of their gods. 

Those who worship government must repent. They think that government can correct human nature, can change the human heart, can bring about a perfect society. They are treating government as if it is the One True God. But they are mistaken and deceived. Their god is powerful, but not nearly as powerful as they wish. And the sacrifices he demands are far too great for what he can actually deliver. Our government will not save us.

Those who worship guns must repent. Their trust in their guns is like a child who believes that the nightlight will keep the ghosts away. If a boogey-man American-Communist government rises up and decides to kill you and take your land, your AR-15 will not protect you. They will have tanks, missiles, bombs, airplanes, and nuclear weapons. You might as well take a Barbie umbrella to a hurricane. Our guns will not save us.

Now I must give credit where credit is due. While the gods of Government and Guns are busy receiving our worship and not doing much in return, one god is doing quite well. The Death God is having a grand time. Death is one of America’s chief gods, and his worship is never ending. The more we devalue the lives of others, the more powerful he becomes. Bigotry, misogyny, violence, abortion, government executions, police brutality, gang war, etc. are ways in which our nation worships Death. Mass shootings are just another form of sacrifice in the American Death Cult. 

As long as we refuse to repent of our paganism, as long as we refuse to work together, as long as we refuse to acknowledge reality, we will continue to feed Death through mass shootings. We are like the worshipers of the ancient god Moloch, who’s followers burned their own children. We continue to burn children rather than standing up to the Death god. 

Repentance requires action, a turning away and a turning to. Here are my top three suggestions.

  1. Repent. Turn away from your orthodoxy, your MSNBC/CNN/FOX group think.

  2. Acknowledge that evil is the cause, Satan is real, and there is plenty of blame to go around. If we had no guns, no violent video games, and universal mental health care, people would still commit horrific acts of murder. Let’s acknowledge the evil of this.

  3. Turn to Christ. Pray for our nation. Pray for the victims, and the perpetrators. We need a real God, one who fulfills his promises, one who is worthy of worship. Christ didn’t stop these shootings. I don’t know why he didn’t, and I wish he would. But I do know that he is the only God who can truly comfort us, heal us, and change our hearts. No one is beyond his transforming love, even those young men who are right now considering launching their own attacks.

My field of expertise is gods, not guns. I don’t believe that government can guarantee there will be no more mass shootings. I don’t think I’d like to live in a country in which the government is so powerful that they even could ensure this. That said, I suspect there are things we can do to help. If we consider the government’s role in car safety, food safety, and drug safety, we can see that government has no perfect solution. But we can also see that there are beneficial things that government can do. Why is it so easy to buy a gun that can kill 9 people in 30 seconds (as happened in Dayton)? Outside of pagan devotion, is there any reason for that? I don’t think so.

If we turn to the true God, we can disarm both the gods of Government and Guns. We can find solutions that make our nation safer, but it will require us to convert from our pagan religion. Government does have power, so petition your representatives. Share your ideas with them. Pray for them, and vote for sensible candidates next time.

Finally, I hope this has been helpful. And, if you feel like I’ve called you a pagan and you’re offended, take it to the Lord. He might have something for you in this.

Thomas McKenzie