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American Idol: Presidental Edition

Do you get the feeling that this presidential election is like American Idol? Or perhaps Survivor? It feels like a cynical, over-hyped reality show.

Case in point, Sarah Palin. Seriously? It's like the Republican party went into the lab and tried to make the Red State version of Obama. Note the similarities!

  1. Minority? Pretty much.
  2. Under-experienced? Definitely.
  3. Good looking? No doubt!
  4. Young? As young as they come on CNN.
  5. Eloquent? The GOP sure hopes so.
  6. Christian? Praise Christ!
  7. Beloved in home area? You bet.
  8. Kind of Foreign? Alaska is closer to Russia than any other state, so . . .
  9. Ready to Lead on Day One? Uhmmm....

Of course, Obama selected the Democratic version of John McCain. Compare Biden and McCain:

  1. Ethical problems in the past? You bet.
  2. Foreign Policy Super Freak? Got it.
  3. Old white guy? What else?
  4. Senator? And Senatorial!
  5. Handsome wife straight out of Central Casting? Of course.
  6. Given to saying really stupid things? None better!
  7. Ready to Lead on Day One? Looks like it.
  8. In Washington far to long to be a "reformer"? Loaded like a barrel of pork.

I'm kind of going nuts with the whole thing. I want to hear more about the ISSUES. I want to know how they are going to end abortions in this country. I want to know what they are going to do about extreme poverty, HIV, the environment, and energy. I want to know how they are going to save the U.S. military. I want to know how they are going to deal with China and Russia. I am tired of all the demographic population-grabbing garbage from the campaigns and the media (a pox on you, cable news networks).

All I'm getting is . . .
Dial 1-800-GOP-REDS to vote for McCain,
Dial 1-800-DEM-OCAT to vote for Obama.
The lines are open RIGHT NOW!
$.99 per call

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