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Battlestar's End

OK, I just finished watching the final episode of Battlestar Galactica. I don't want to throw out any spoilers. So, let me just make a couple of comments.

First: I called it. That's right, weeks ago, a couple of months ago, I called it. No, not the story of the first hour, but I called the final hour. I called the location, the name, the era. I called how they handled the technology, and the religion. I even called Starbuck. Called it! OK, I didn't call the opera house or the participants thereof. But, whatever. I called it!

Second: I cried three times in the final two hours. Not weeping, but tears.

Third: For years I have called BSG the best show on television. I stand by that.

Fourth: Every great show should have this kind of finale. It proves, yet again, that preparing the end of the series is critical. Six Feet Under had a great ending, but I can't think of any other show that ended as well as BSG.

Fifth: They obviously saved up their special effects budget for this last huge blowout. That first hour was on TV? Seriously? Unreal.

Sixth: Did I mention that I called it?

Seventh: I thought the ending was perfect. That's what I said. Perfect.

Eighth: I got the feeling I was watching the Geek version of the Superbowl. All those Grade A commercials?

Ninth: I could go on and on about the cool God stuff.

Tenth: I'm a little nervous about all the BSG spin-offs. Excited, but nervous.

Eleventh: I'm getting out my DVDs of the mini-series and starting all over again!

Twelfth: I don't really have a 12th, so I will just say: I'm so sad, but so satisfied.

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