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Behold the Lamb

I was asked to write a guest blog post about Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb record and tour.  So, here is what I wrote.  Enjoy.

Having lived in Nashville for over a decade, I sometimes find myself saddened by the Christian music industry.  Cynical musicians, vapid song lyrics, and a laundry list of poor business practices are easy to find in my beloved city.  What isn’t so easy to find are committed Christians (who are also excellent artists) telling the story of the Gospel in a compelling way.  That is one of the reasons Behold the Lamb of God is so special.

Recorded over ten years ago and led by singer-songwriter Andrew Peterson, Behold the Lamb of God is an album and a tour that should not be missed.  First, the album itself.  On Behold the Lamb, Andrew tells the “true tall tale” of the coming of Christ.  But unlike most Christmas records, he begins with Creation, with Philippians 2, and with Passover.  Rather than snowmen and chestnuts, you have a beautiful retelling of the greatest hero story every told. 

Musically, Behold the Lamb is God is on one hand deeply personal but also a lot of fun.  Andrew has gathered around himself a great community of musicians, and their excellence as well as their love for the Gospel comes through. 

While I enjoy listening to the record in the car, I dearly love to hear them play it live.  Each year, the tour goes forth around the country.  Of course, I would say that the best place to hear Behold the Lamb is here in Nashville at the historic Ryman.  The show begins with an in-the-round, a sharing of current songs, followed by the entire record played live.  Like every Andrew Peterson show, the evening ends with a congregational singing of the Doxology while the musicians quietly walk off, leaving God alone the glory. 

Let me encourage you visit where you can listen to the songs, check out the tour schedule, and purchase the album if you’d like.  You will not find a more worshipful, contemporary retelling of the Good News of our Saviors birth.

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