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Behold the Victorious Watchmen

This year I played in three fantasy football leagues.

One was with my church, the Church of the Receiver League. I had high hopes early in the season, but my team went the way of our Quarterback, Tony Romo. I ended up in the middle somewhere.

A second was with my kids' school. I felt great early on about this one, mainly because I doubted most of the other guys' drafting abilities. Well, that one didn't go so well either, and I ended up right on the middle.

The third league I played in was started by my friend Chris, and was almost entirely made up of Anglican priests. And, in that league, I triumphed. I came into the play-offs as the third ranked team. I beat number two last week, and this week I took out the league's founder.

Oh, and by the way, Yahoo tells me that I had the hardest schedule. I don't know how they figure that, but it has something to do with statistics.

And since I am sure you are as fascinated by my victory as I am, I will list for you the players from the great championship team, the Watchmen (named after the graphic novel and upcoming feature film).

At Quarterback,

  1. Dallas Cowboys' own Tony Romo,
  2. backed up by the Jets' Brett Favre.

In this league, we play three wide receivers each week. Here were my receivers, in order of their fantasy scoring:

  1. Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals
  2. Lance Moore, Saints
  3. Bernard Berrian, Vikings
  4. Donald Driver, Packers
  5. Santonio Homes, Steelers
  6. Antwaan Randle El, Redskins

Unfortunately, we could only play two running backs each week (we had no "flex" position). I drafted heavy on running backs, as I always do, but ended up ditching several. Here are those who survived, I ended up with, in order of their scoring:

  1. Brian Westbrook, Eagles
  2. Chris Johnson, Titans
  3. Pierre Thomas, Saints (my little late-season gift from God)
  4. Tim Hightower, Cardinals (my little disappointment)
  5. Tashard Choice, Cowboys (who I picked up so no one else could)

My Tight End was Antonio Gates, who I just kept in week-to-week regardless of whom he was playing.

In this league, I rotated through kickers and defensive teams depending on who was available each week. I never had a decent defensive unit, but it didn't really matter. I ended up with Stephen Gostkowski, the Patriots kicker, who served me very well in the super bowl.

Also, each team could have two individual defensive players. I have never done that before. It was kind of a pain, but I figured out how to rotate through them pretty effectively week to week. In my superbowl win, I have to give props to James Farrior of the Steelers and Bradie James of the Cowboys, each of whom came up big for me.

And for the one or two of you still reading, I now present those players that I drafted, but then dropped due to injury or poor performance as the season went on:

  • Earnest Graham, Running Back, Tampa Bay
  • Felix Jones, Running Back, Cowboys
  • Chester Taylor, Running Back, Vikings
  • Justin Fargas, Running Back, Raiders
  • Joey Galloway, Receiver, Tampa Bay
  • Deion Branch, Receiver, Seattle
  • Seattle's Defense

So, there it is. The 2008 Watchmen, the "Bragging Rights League" champions.