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Believe It?

I don't know what you think of Barack Obama. But, love him or hate him, you have to admit that there are people who are just a little TOO into him. Take the Op-Ed writer for the San Francisco Chronicle who claims that Obama is an "enlightened being" who will lead us to a new way of being on the planet. Now THAT is supporting a candidate.

I found this funny website called Is Obama the Messiah? It chronicles some of the craziest examples of this phenomena. Check it out.

Some of this stuff is funny, some crazy, but almost all of it violates the First Commandment. Of course, I say that and I know that there are some people who will take all of this way too seriously on the other side and start claiming Obama is the anti-Christ.

You know what I believe in? A country in which we don't take politics so seriously. The fact is, neither Obama nor McCain will save us, or damn us. That power belongs to someone else.