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Birthday in Holy Week

Today is the Monday of Holy Week. It is also my elder daughter's 10th birthday. It is also my first day to walk around without a big boot on my right foot.

I spent the entire day with my family, or various members thereof. We got up with the girls and gave E-- some small gifts, then took them to school. Then L-- and I came back home and worked on E--'s present. We had lunch at the girls' school with them, and then back home to finish the present.

The present? We redecorated her room. She's been living with beat up and mismatched furniture for years. Pretty embarrassing. Over the past several months, L-- has been collecting some room furniture at great prices. Great prices means, in part, we assemble it ourselves. She's been working on this stuff for a week, I just helped today.

Well, E-- loved it. Her room looks great, and her mommy did an amazing job. My girls are very lucky to have such an amazing mother. And I'm blessed to have all three of these amazing ladies in my life.

Holy Week is about to get really busy. Kenny, my assistant, took the noon Eucharist today, but I'm doing tomorrow. And then we get into the days of two services a day, beginning Wednesday. Want to know more, check out the church website at