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Buy a Toy, Bless a Child


Updated 11/28/16

I've been raising money to benefit Syrian refugee children. I've been selling toys from my childhood, and donating the money to Save The Children (specifically to their work among Syrian kids in refugee camps). So far, I've sent $1300, with more to send once some funds get processed. It's amazing to me how generous people have been!. 

Thing is, the way I've been doing it is pretty darn slow. SO, I just put a lot of the toys on my blog, and you can choose what you want and buy it. Take a look! Like I say, every dime I make is going to Save the Children. I'll keep posting all the receipts of those donations for accountability. You can see those receipts here.

Go here:

If you don't find toy you want, you can also donate through this site. Or, go give directly to Save the Children. And/or, check back in a few days. I've got more toys to list!

Just buy one (or more) of my toys! More toys will be added over the next few days, so keep coming back!

Thomas McKenzie