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Christmas, Day Four

Here are my girls at Christmas. Not much to do with this post, but a great picture!

Today is the fourth day of Christmas. Right now, my girls and I are in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are visiting my parents for a couple of days. My lovely wife is back home, working etc.

I was not looking forward to this trip. Specifically, I wasn't looking forward to seeing my dad. My dad and I get along fine, but his Alzheimer's and isolation causes us to have the same conversations again and again. Last night, I was expecting the same. My mom went to bed, the kids were asleep, and it was Thomas and Dad time.

It turns out that things were different. There is a man who goes to their church that has been visiting him. For one hour, once a week, he comes and talks to my dad. They talk about politics, history, technology, etc. He's been doing this for several weeks.

I think these visits have helped enormously. Dad basically never leaves his house, and the only person he sees is my mom. He can't use a computer, and he can barely hear the TV. So, he does his art and he sits and he sleeps. So, what does he have to talk about? The past.

Last night, though, was great. We talked about politics. We talked about Iraq and the President. Then we talked about the internet and YouTube and blogs. I showed him my iPod and my camera. We talked about communication and access to technology, and world peace. It was the best non-relational talk we've had in a long time. Years, I think.

Then today I went with my mom and the girls to the Cincinnati Art Museum. It was surprisingly good, and I made my wife a present. I recommend it (its free!)

Enough for now.