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A corona is "a faintly colored luminous ring appearing to surround a celestial body visible through a haze or thin cloud, especially such a ring around the moon or sun, caused by diffraction of light from suspended matter in the intervening medium." I copied that from the dictionary.

Corona is also a beer (see picture). It is not the greatest beer in the world (Guinness?), but its a darn fine beer. Specifically, it is a great beach beer (see the commercials).

I was in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago (see picture). That picture was taken off of the deck of the condo we were staying in. Its the North Shore of Kauai. That cliff was Bali Hai from the movie South Pacific. To your left, out of frame, is the village of Hanalei. To your right is the vast Pacific Ocean, 2000 miles from the nearest continent.

A corona is a luminous ring. Its a beautiful thing, like a halo. It makes the sun or moon even more attractive, even more mystical. Of course, you have to have a big cloud of crap between you and the moon in order to have the corona. Its sort of like how on older TV shows they would use a hazy lens when looking at certain women. The haze made them more mysterious and beautiful, partially by obscuring "unsightly" features like wrinkles, harsh lines, or variations in skin pigment.

Coming back from Hawaii, the whole vacation has a fantastic corona. The day after I arrived back in Nashville, I was back in church, back at work. Ever since then, I have had a hard time focusing on work. I have struggled to do ordinary tasks. I have fallen behind in correspondence and communication.

At the same time, I have been thinking about Hanalei, about moving there. Now, let's be frank, besides being one of the most beautiful places on earth, there is nothing interesting about Kauai. Apparently most of Hawaii is different, but this place has basically nothing to do. There is almost no unemployment there. Why? Because a) there are lots of tourism and construction jobs because b) everyone wants to vacation there but c) no one wants to live there. So, moving there is stupid.

However, my life has a lot of crap in the atmosphere. Some of it is external, some of it is internal. But, either way, I think they are causing a Corona to form around this other place. As if moving away from Nashville would cause me to be a different person. As if the old saying "wherever you go, there you are" would not actually apply to me.

So, I think I will stay here and live my life. Sure, I would like to go back to Hanalei and visit some day. But I would have to be careful. Staring into the sun is bad for you. Staring at the corona, that's even worse.