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Country Music Marathon

Today is a beautiful day for a run. The forecast stays that at 7 am it will be 61 degrees, rising to 71 degrees at 9 am. The sun is supposed to shine, and a few clouds will be up there, too.

Today 30,000 people will run together in downtown Nashville. I was supposed to be one of them. I registered back in February. But then I got a stress fracture in my foot. I am almost fully recovered, but there is no way I can run 13 miles today.

Just FYI, I tried to get my $100 back last month. They wouldn't refund me, or let me transfer the funds to next year. But they did say they would mail me my t-shirt. Yay?

Anyway, this has been a difficult experience. I was SO looking forward to this. But I have learned a lot and grown from this. Mainly I've learned that I really do love running. Weird, for me. I never ran at all until Thanksgiving of 2008, and now I want to do it all the time.

I've also been given more compassion for folks who are handicapped by physical issues, like my own beautiful wife who can no longer run do to her back disease.

So I am I excited for the 30,000. I am looking forward to joining them next year. As for me, I intend to run for the first time in 8 weeks tomorrow. I might do a mile. And that is one more mile than I could do yesterday.