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Dad's Funeral

Yesterday was dad's funeral. It was held at 5 pm, and we had a reception from 4-5, and another one after the funeral until almost 7 pm. It was a funeral mass, and well over 100 people showed up. No one was there from out of town, besides my wife and children and I. But I know that many people were remembering him all over the country.

It was a lovely service with some of his and mom's favorite hymns. I found the songs particularly moving, and cried through two of them.

I was given the task of speaking about dad, as well as preaching the Gospel. It was difficult to do. I spoke too fast, I fumbled. I had written out three small pages of notes, but then I left one page in the narthex. So I can't say it was what I wanted it to be. But I know it was good and right and honoring.

I have put the sermon on my Hajjpod podcast. You can listen or download by using the tool below.

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