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Dear Scammer

Recently, I have received several e-mails from someone claiming to be Yahoo customer support. The e-mail informs me that my account has been suspended, and that I should click on a link in order to reactivate it. Each time I get this e-mail, I  shake my head and delete it. Until yesterday. Yesterday, I decided to respond. So I wrote the following e-mail, and sent it. Unfortunately, the scammer did not receive it. Seems that, instead of just opening a fake Yahoo account, this guy is hacking e-mail accounts and then sending from those. Seems like a waste of time to me.  So, Scammer, if you are out there, here is my reply to you:

Dear Scammer,

If this scam is going to work for you, please get a native English speaker to proofread your e-mails. I count ten grammatical errors, any one of which would alert me to the fact that you are not really Yahoo. For instance, "due to your email has exceeded limits" doesn't make sense in our language. Also, we don't capitalize random words, like "verify," in the middle of a sentence. Further, you don't seem to know what an asterisk is for.

Really, you are probably a very smart person who is trying to make some money. I get that. But I wish you would use your creativity and effort to create an honest living for yourself, and perhaps do some good in the world.

I hope you have a good day, and consider what I've said.