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Declaring my "Independence"

I voted today. My wife and I went together to our local elementary school, with our little girls in tow. We all stood in line together and went through the several steps of identification. When it came time to use the new touch-screen machines, one girl went with me and one went with my wife. My five year old actually pushed the "vote" button, which was probably against the law. However, I did make all the selections!

I am glad to declare that I am "independent." In five races, I voted for an even mix of Democrat, Republican, and Independent. So, I'm feeling pretty non-affiliated at this moment. I think I want "my people" to win, but, then again, I'm not overly enthused with the state of our Democracy.

I feel like I did my part and I'm glad I did. I'm also glad we took our kids along, so they could participate with us. I am hopeful that they will grow up to be active and thoughtful participants in the political process.