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Drive On

For about ten hours today, I had a lengthy post on this site. It was a dissertation from me saying that God is not calling anyone to be an Episcopal priest. My main point was that God would not ask someone to conform themselves to the doctrine and discipline of that denomination, given the corruption of the institution's doctrine and discipline. My argument was quite Anglican, grounded in the Bible as well as tradition and reason.

As soon as I posted it I felt like there was a hole in my gut. I kept hearing all the voices of all the people who have rejected me because I left the Episcopal Church a couple of years ago. I was preparing myself for the self-serving counter arguments, the attacks, the rebukes. Mainly I had the feeling that I was about to enter into battle again.

But, guess what? That battle is over for me. I took my stand, I did my part. I'm out of it. If someone wants to say that God is calling them to swear allegiance to the Episcopal Church, why do I care? I'm on to other tasks, other battles--battles that matter.

So, now I'm just going to do what I do. I'm going to say the Serenity Prayer and get on with my life. I'm driving on.