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Driving With Half of Her Body

So I'm driving south on Franklin road a few days ago. An SUV on the right is driving pretty slowly, so I pass it. As I do, I glance over and see the driver is driving with half her body. No joke.

My camera is on my passenger seat, and as we pull up at a traffic light I get right next to the SUV. Thankfully for me, she is still in this odd position. So I take this picture.

I don't know if you can make it out, but in her left hand she is holding her cell phone. She is talking on the phone, obviously. And if you look carefully you will see that her left foot is up on the dash, right by her window.

So this lady is driving down Franklin road with just her right hand and right foot, the other half of her body being engaged in either talking or relaxing. I assume she is driving with half of her brain, but that might be giving her too much credit.

I guess she figures that her giant SUV will protect HER from any accident. The rest of us are not so safe.

I don't like it when folks talk on the phone and drive. It distracts the driver and leads to more accidents. But if you must give up one of your arms to talk on the phone, at least keep your other limbs where they should be.

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