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E--'s First Day

Today my elder daughter, E--, begins her first day of Second Grade. It is not just a new grade for her, it is a new school. She went for two years to her former school, and now she is in this one. They are both private Christian schools attached to churches. In fact, they are practically across the street from each other. But, this one is more in-line with the educational/spiritual/social values that my wife and I think are important in a school.

I know it will be hard for her. I found out today she is the only new kid in her grade. I hope that actually helps, that the other kids will take a special interest in her. This school is big on making sure everyone is included. In fact, my wife and I went to chapel this morning, and the headmaster's main message was telling the kids to include new students.

Anyway, below is a link to a little "interview" I did with her last night, just before she went to sleep. After the interview was over, we kept talking, and I prayed with her. So, you don't get all the details, but its a pretty cool moment.

Click Here to hear the interview.

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