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Episcopal Priest is Christian and Muslim

No, this is not a joke. An Episcopal priest has converted to Islam, but says she remains a Christian. This might sound odd, but given how many Episcopal priests don't even believe in the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ, it can't come as too big a surprise. What I mean is that most leaders in this denomination have so loosely defined what a "Christian" is that pretty much anything goes. They've had Wiccan priests, why not Muslim?

Oh, and her bishop is totally fine with it. In fact, he is "excited by the possibilities." Now THAT is a way to guard the faith! Just redefine it to include every imaginable combination of thoughts and practices.

Read the whole article, which is long but interesting, here.

And, yes that is her below. One, in her collar on Sunday morning. The other picture in her Muslim garb on Friday night.

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