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Fantasy Draft

Today is the first of my two fantasy football drafts this year. In normal years, I start over-preparing about two to three weeks out. This year, I have done all my prep within 24 hours. That does not make me feel great, but at least I'm not working off of old data.

I said I am in TWO drafts this year. Tonight, the time-honored Church of the Receiver kicks off. This is the most serious church league ever. And it is the most fun. I am pumped to get going. This is our 5th year.

Last year, I came in 4th. This means I got into the playoffs, but got edged out in the first round, and then blew it while playing for the bronze. The year before I got completely creamed, coming in 9th of 12. Sick.

However, in 2005 I lost the "super bowl" to come in 2nd. And in 2004, the first year of the league, I WON! So, I am thinking that my life in the Church of the Receiver League looks like a U shaped graph. I start at 1, go to 2, then sink down to the depths at 9, then come up last year to 4, and now I'm set to TAKE BACK THE TROPHY!!!!

The other league I am in this year is new to me. It is with some folks from my kids' school. I think its kind of a secret society, so I don't want to say too much about it. But I did notice something interesting. Herr Commissar of the school league is also playing in the Church of the Receiver League this year (we almost always have one non-Redeemer person, and he's it). So, in preparation for the draft tonight, he asks what he should bring. And he asks if his wife can come. And I'm like "what are you talking about?" This is no pot-luck. This is no family affair. This is FOOTBALL!

I am going to bring some serious manliness to this school league. I've already been talking smack on a dentist. He didn't seem to know what to say. This should be fun.