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The Harpooner: A New Advent Devotional Guide

The festival of God’s Incarnation, the Christ-Mass, was being celebrated in the Church by about 220 A.D. In the ancient world, fasting came before feasting. It was natural to the Early Church that a season of self-examination and repentance would lead up to the great Christmas festival. By the fourth-century A.D., the four Sundays preceding Christmas were set aside to prepare for the Coming of Christ. They called this the season of Advent.

Over 1600 years later, the Church still celebrates the four weeks before Christmas as a time of special focus on the spiritual life.  This year, I'm offering a devotional guide for the Advent season. I call it The Harpooner.  
The Harpooner guides you through this holy season. Short Bible readings, traditional prayers, and a brief homily will help keep you focused on the goodness of God this December.
The Harpooner is available in ebook form as a PDF or an ePub file. It can be read on your e-reader, smartphone, computer, or tablet. The print version is available in paperback. The devotional is 25 chapters long, with an introduction, about 72 pages. The ebook version is $2.99, the print version is $5.99 plus shipping (but is often on sale on Amazon, and Prime members get free shipping)

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