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Glenda Sutton is My Hero

Here is a story I know you will not read in the Tennessean. Last night, Glenda Sutton, the Pastor of Family Affair Ministries (my church's partner in East Nashville) was honored with a special volunteerism medal from the President of the United States. This honor was given to her because of her tireless efforts to promote volunteerism among the poor in our city.

The award was given by Michael W. Smith, in President Bush's name, at his Christmas Concert at the Gaylord Entertainment Center. Smith is the co-chair of a government volunteerism advocacy panel.

My wife L--and I were at the concert, having been invited by dear friends. Smith introduced the award after intermission. Without saying her name, he started talking about the award, and saying all sorts of glowing things about the recipient. As he was speaking, I looked at L-- and we both said "I think he's talking about Glenda Sutton." And we were right. Watching Glenda go up on stage and receive her medal was the highlight of the evening for me. I can not think of a person who deserves it more.

I caught up with her afterward and told her I was very proud of her and her husband for their ministry. She was beaming with joy.

I am also proud of each one of the members of Church of the Redeemer who spent their time and money this year on buying presents and volunteering for the Family Affair Christmas Store. They have done a good work in Jesus' Name. When I say that we partner with Family Affair, I mean it. Our people spend countless hours over there. Not just once or twice a year, but each and every week.

If you are interested in learning more about Family Affair Ministries, go to their website at: They are the real deal.