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Googling Myself

Several weeks back, I had an interesting exchange with a political candidate. The most bizarre aspect was that I posted something about him, and an hour later he had written an e-mail to me. The bizzaro factor was "how did he know I was talking about him?" I didn't have anything to hide, but I didn't understand how he would even know about my little blog.

So, I was talking about it with my friend J--. He told me there was some way to set "it" up so that you got an e-mail from Google whenever your name got mentioned on the Internet. That sounded cool, and kind of narcissistic at the same time.

I got a Gmail account recently. I haven't made it my "primary address" or anything, but its pretty cool. I thought about what J-- had said, and easily set up my account so I would get a daily e-mail of new occurrences of my name.

I have discovered two things. First, no one is talking about me (which is how I like it). Second, there is some crazy stuff going on with my fellow Thomas McKenzie's. Imagine finding this (with your name) in your inbox:

The body of Thomas McKenzie-Quinn, from Belfast, was found in a special supervision unit in the jail. He was serving six years for robbery. The Prisoner Ombudsman will investigate the circumstances of his death.

They still haven't figured out how Thomas McKenzie died while in solitary, but it seems that foul play may have been involved. That kind of stuff gives me the chills.

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