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Great Clips in Brentwood Stinks

I am not going to spend a lot of time or energy on this. I'm just going to post what I sent to Great Clips Customer Feedback. I could paint the picture for you, but it was too annoying, and I have other things to do.

As a parent, I had the worst haircut experience of my life today at Great Clips in Brentwood, Tennessee. My wife and I brought our little girls, 5 and 7, in to get a hair cut. We came because there was a sale, and we happened to be walking by. All we needed was a trim.

Instead, we got this. The man who was to cut my five year old's hair put her in the chair and started to comb her hair. Her hair is curly, and though it was not tangled, it did grab the brush. She whimpered. He ran it through quite hard, she cried out. She started to complain that it hurt.

My wife suggested a detangler. He made a face and handed the bottle to my wife and walked away. A minute later he came back, quickly took the apron off my little girl and told her to leave. He said her behavior was too bad for him to continue. No, I'm not kidding.

My seven year old and I were still waiting. My wife and I took the girls outside, where she told me what happened. I went back in. I asked the guy why he had kicked a little girl out of his chair. He smiled and said she was being bad. I spoke to the manager, in his presence, and asked if she approved of his behavior. Though she had not seen the incident, she said she did.

I am a fairly strict parent. By my high standards, my kid was being fine. This was outrageous.

I will never go back to a Great Clips. I also intend to let my family and friends know that they should stay clear of the Great Clips in Brentwood, the one near Publix right off of Old Hickory.

As my little girl, shamed and crying, walked out of the store she called out "next time I just want to go to Head's Up." I couldn't agree more.


Here is the e-mail Great Clip's customer service sent me 24 hours later:

Dear Thomas McKenzie,

Thank you for submitting your comments to Great Clips, Inc.

Have a great day!!


Great Clips For Hair



I just got a phone call from Great Clips central office. They are going to pass my note on to the owner of the Brentwood store. I'll let you know what happens, if anything.

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