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I have been very busy this week, with many things going on.  Last evening, as I was driving to an event with our church I finally caught up with some of what has been going on in Haiti.  My heart was heavy with the great suffering that is happening right now just south of our country. 

I feel powerless to be of any assistance.  I can't just go to Haiti and start digging for people who are trapped.  I can't send a "care package" which I know has no hope of getting to anyone.  I can't be with those who are suffering, because I don't know any of them personally.  At the same time, I feel that there must be something I can do.  As the pastor of a church, I want to help our community to minister to those in great need.

I believe there are two things we can do to be of help.  We can pray, and we can give to organizations that are on the ground in Haiti right now. 

First, prayer.  I want to pass on to you part of an e-mail sent by a founding member of our church, a friend of mine, and a man who leads a sports ministry in Haiti. 

Your messages of encouragement and support mean so much to me and our friends during this time of suffering. Thank you can not be said enough. In circumstances like these, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed. As you gaze upon the faces and the devastation in Haiti, you see a people and a land that are overwhelmed. As you listen to the response workers and leaders, you know that they are overwhelmed. Right now at our location, I see workers and volunteers expending themselves, just like they did for the tsunami and Katrina. They were overwhelmed. In the last 30 hours, I’ve received over 500 messages, many out of Haiti asking for help. At times, it becomes overwhelming.

If you would allow me, I would like to guide you in a different direction today, into a place of meditation and prayer. My message is let us not become overwhelmed. In the midst of our efforts and as the pressure was weighing down upon me I was continually drawn to a Psalms for comfort and strength. Please take some time to read and pray Psalm 46. Be still before God and draw strength from him. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide your intercessions for those who are suffering.

I have called upon Church of the Redeemer to pray for those who are in Haiti.  We are praying for the suffering and for those who are helping them.  We are praying for the governments and organizations that are trying to help, and that promises of help would be fulfilled in a timely manner.  We pray that the Lord would rescue the many people who are still trapped under fallen buildings, before it is too late for them.  I encouraged us to use Psalm 46 to guide you in your prayers.  As Christians, we believe in a God who intervenes in human affairs, and we believe our prayers make a difference. (James 5:16)

Second, giving.  I am asking everyone I know to consider giving financially to one of the many organizations which are currently involved in Haiti.  The one I would recomend is World Vision.  You can give to World Vision's relief effort in Haiti right now by clicking on this link:  World Vision Haiti Relief or by going to  We will be taking a special offering at church this Sunday, but I hope that everyone will give sooner than that.  The need is immediate.

May the Lord bless, protect, and heal his children in the nation of Haiti.

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