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Happy Campers

My daughters have been pressuring me to take them camping for months. We went for the first time well over a year ago and they loved it. Since then I have wanted to take them, but there is always some reason not to go. I'm pleased to say that I finally set those reasons aside and made plans to take them into the woods.

A few weeks ago, their school had its annual auction fundraiser. I bid on, and "won," $250 worth of camping supply rental from REI. I worked out a deal with my girls that each of them got to choose one friend to go with them for 48 hours over Spring Break. The girls would all sleep in the REI tent and use the rented gear, I would use my old stuff in my own tent.

They each found a good friend who's parents didn't have other plans, so on Thursday off we went. It was quite an adventure. We had wanted to camp near Monteagle, but ended up at the Old Stone Fort (long story). It was a perfect place to be, and the weather was amazing.

Everyone thought I was kind of nuts to live in tents with 9-11 year old girls, but they were awesome and we had a great time.

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