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I Broke My Foot

It seems I have my first sports injury.

I've been training for the half marathon to be held in late April. Last Wednesday, I ran 8.2 miles (my longest run ever). At the very end of the run, I felt a serious pain in my right foot. It hurt like crazy. I assumed it was a normal running pain, so I pretty much ignored it.

Over the next few days, my foot did not get better. It especially hurt when I walked or stood for a long time, and the pain did not go away easily. Today and yesterday I hobbled around on crutches.

Today I went to the doctor. Before she saw the x-ray, she told me what I had guessed. I have a stress fracture. She showed it to me on the image. I have broken the bridge of my foot, just a couple inches from the ball. You can see it clearly. She told me that if I had kept ignoring it, the break would have completed itself and I would be having surgery with plates and pins.

Tomorrow I get the boot. This means that I am not training for the half marathon. I'm afraid that I will not get to become a real long distance runner. I was really getting into this. I am now worried that I will have a proclivity to these things, and that I am going to be "just" a 3-5 mile runner. That's cool, but I was really enjoying the longer runs. My greater fear is that I won't ever really get to run again. That would be hard on me.

This means that the "Slow Ninja" has officially hung up his shoes for the next couple of months. Even when I get out of the boot, I have to take it really slow for a long time. And I had just bought my warm weather running gear and had used it ONCE. I looked so cool.

No more Nike + iPod. No more mocking my friends who only run 5k. No more telling people I'm "in training." No more eating more food and blaming it on my elevated metabolism. This just sucks.