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I Preached Yesterday

Hey all,

Thanks for all of you who sent me really nice messages yesterday. I got several kind words through e-mail, facebook, and twitter.

Given that yesterday was the first anniversary of my father's death, I was very concerned about my ability to preach a decent sermon. Some folks prayed for me, Laura in particular prayed a great deal for me. I felt that God gave me a great deal of grace.

When I came in today to the office, my office manager, Dara, told me that she had already received 15 requests for yesterday's sermon. That is a lot of CD requests for us, especially so quickly. Many people said very nice things to me about the sermon, most of them having no idea about what the date meant to me.

So, I don't normally do this, but I'm going to recommend yesterday's sermon to you. You can listen to it by going here.

This sermon is a bit long for me (24 minutes), but otherwise I'm pretty happy with it. And it was well received. So, that's why I'm bringing it up.