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I Refuse to List 25 Random Things About Myself

Over the past week or two, I have been "tagged" in numerous notes on facebook. For those of you unaware, facebook notes are kind of like blog posts. In fact, I have my blog linked to facebook so every post I make becomes a note. This allows my facebook friends to read my blog posts without going through the agony of actually checking my blog.

These notes I'm being tagged on have nothing to do with me. Rather, they are part of some sort of game that is currently happening. Facebook people are encouraged, by what entity I am not sure, to write a list of "25 Random Things" about themselves. Then they "tag" 25 of their friends. These friends are supposed to write a similar note, tag 25 of their friends, and the wave of random factoids continues. Eventually there will be millions of lists of 25 little-known items of information.

The people who have tagged me in this way are good people. I take it from their tags that they want to get to know me better as well as allow me to get to know them better. I think that is a worthy goal.

However, I am not going to play this game. I don't like games like this, pass it on games. More than that, I don't want to list 25 things about myself in list form. It feels narcissistic to me. Which is a funny thing to say, coming from someone who blogs about himself. Regardless of my hypocrisy, this just feels like a line I don't want to cross.

More than that, I don't want to list random things. I want to know and be known in context. I prefer narrative to raw lists. I prefer relationship to guidebook. I would prefer to hear one good story from your life than 25 one-off facts. I don't believe in your facts, anyway. Facts do not exist in a vacuum. Even mathematics doesn't work that way.

So, go ahead and tag me all you want. I'm not giving you a list of 25 facts. I will, though, do my best to share who I am in other ways. How's that for a good deal?

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