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I Say It's My Birthday

Yes, it is my birthday today. I am now 37, which puts me officially in my late 30s. See chart below:

30: You are just 30
31-33: You are in your early 30s.
34-36: You are in your mid 30s.
37-39: You are in your late 30s.
40: You are just 40.

You may take this chart and use it for any decade starting with 20 and going older. Younger people do not use this chart, as it doesn't translate well. To whit: 12 year olds are not in their "early teens;" 8 year olds are not in their "late zeros."

I have now outlived the following folks, who died at the age of 36:

  • George Armstrong Custer, who got what was coming to him at the Little Bighorn
  • Doc Holliday, who went down from T.B., but undefeated with a gun
  • Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy, who died of a drug overdose (what else?)
  • Bob Marley, from not getting that thing on his toe checked out
  • Marilyn Monroe, from living like a candle in the wind
  • Maximilien Robespierre, because when your head comes off your neck, it's over
  • Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, who, like every real artist, drank himself to death
  • Princess Diana, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time

But of all these, I feel the deepest melancholy as I report that I have outlived George Gordon, the 6th Lord Byron. He was the Old Man of his school of poets, and now that I have aged past him I'm feeling especially geriatric. Well, at least I don't have tuberculosis.

So, to all the folks listed above, and to all those who didn't make it to their 37th year, here's to you. Wish you were here, the view is great.