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I'm a Cover Boy

OK, so this is weird. I am on the cover of a magazine. No, it's not a swimsuit magazine--though we all know I should be in one of those. I have some awesome abs underneath this fat.

The magazine is called New Man. It's for Christian men of the Charismatic variety. The website is Here you can see the cover, though it's really small. I'm in the back, with a priest's collar on. Yes, they wanted me to wear it.

The cover story is about my friend Nate's new book: Samson and the Pirate Monks. It's about his life, and the Samson Society which he co-founded. I was asked to be in the picture partially because I wrote a couple of pages in the book, and I am quoted in the magazine. And I am really attractive. And I could wear a clerical collar, which we all know Charismatics love. (Come on, just playing around.)

I want to recommend reading the article. It's not available for free on-line, and though I have a copy of it (I unlocked it because I bought an issue of the magazine), I don't think I should post it. Once the issue is off the stands, I think I will feel free to post it then.

I also recommend the book, and the Samson Society. Especially if you are both a man and a Christian. It has been a great way for me to make real friends, which is why I go.

Oh, and here are a couple of pictures, a bit larger for your viewing pleasure!

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