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I'm in North Carolina

Right now, I'm at a small conference in North Carolina. Its for guys (and I mean GUYS) in my mission organization who pastor churches who's average attendance is over 200. Our church barely qualifies, so here I am.

I'm having a hard time connecting with the other guys. They are all good people, and basically nice and smart and stuff. Maybe its because the next youngest person is ten years older than I am (and most people are much older than that). Maybe its the focus on church growth that we keep hearing about. That stuff always makes me feel guilty and angry and holier-than-they all at the same time.

Maybe its my own attitude. I really have to pray a bunch when I come to things like this. I really have to reach out to others and allow them to reach out to me, even when I don't feel completely safe.

So, I hope you all will pray for me, and I hope to report later about how I've learned a lot and made a new friend or two.