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Uganda: Priest Tells Lie in Sermon

Paddy Nsobya

DRAMA ensued recently at an Anglican church in Wakiso district when a priest cautioned Christians about lying by tricking them with a lie.

The previous Sunday, he had preached about some Christians who only read the Bible during the church service. He urged them to get into the culture of reading the Bible everyday.

The priest asked the congregation to revise St. Mark: 17 and master it, so that they could discuss it the next Sunday.

On the D-day, he started his sermon by asking those who had read the chapter to raise their hands. He then asked them to stand up for recognition saying they were God's chosen.

The priest asked them to open their Bibles and read the first verse of chapter 17. As the rest of the congregation sat in silence and embarrassment, the people who were standing started to panic as they could not locate the chapter.

One by one, they started to sit down as the rest of the church was murmuring.

The priest then revealed that St Mark Chapter 17 is non-existent, as the book ends on chapter 16. The congregation burst into laughter as the priest cautioned them against telling lies and quoted the eighth commandment, "Thou shall not give false testimony against your neighbour".