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I'm Younger Than I Am

I don't click on banner ads (sorry internet advertisers). Its just not part of my lifestyle. However, once in a while, one will grab me. Usually its an offer to get to know my favorite person better: ME! So how could I pass up an ad saying it could tell me my Real Age?

I took this "test." They asked me all kinds of questions about what I eat, where I live, who I know, etc. etc. And guess what? I'm going to live forever!

My birth certificate and a calculator would tell you that I am 35.4 years old. But that is old thinking. Modernistic, linear, chronologicalism. BORING! I am no longer 35.4. No, sir. My Real Age (dot-com) is 28.4.

Hallelujah, I'm in my twenties again! I think I will do a dance. What kind of dance? I'm not sure. What's cool with the 20-somethings nowadays?

How did the Real Age people figure this out? I'm sure its a complex algorithm. What they tell me is that I have several factors that make me younger:

Good sleep levels
Limited or no secondhand smoke exposure
Parents relationship
Medication use
Happy marriage
Correct fruit servings
Healthy resting heart rate
No drinking and driving
Good omega-3 intake
Folic acid intake
Daily vitamin
Education level
Cell phone use
Vehicle size
Good oral hygiene
Safety belt or airbag usage
Ideal blood pressure
Diverse diet
Vitamin C intake
Social network and stress

Of course, some things are making me older:

Lycopene levels
Lack of daily breakfast
Workout schedule
Low unsaturated fat
Calcium intake
Driving speeds
Flossing habits
Potassium levels
Low grain intake
Low vegetable intake
Strength training level
High BMI
Lack of flexibility exercises
Vitamin E intake
High red meat intake

And I thought it was all about the calendar. Silly me. Its about Lycopene!

So, you should go to Who knows what you will discover!

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