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On this blog, on the right hand side, a little way down, you will find a player for the sermon podcast from our church (Church of the Redeemer in Nashville). Also, you will see a tab for this podcast above you that says "My Sermons."

I enjoy preaching, and I take it very seriously. I would generally say that my sermons are good. I do my best to preach the Gospel, and to do it in a creative way. I like some of my sermons better than others. Above all, I believe my sermons are inspired by the Holy Spirit. That doesn't mean I think they are perfect, or even in the ballpark of perfection. That doesn't mean I believe that every part of them is "from the Lord." However, I do honestly and sincerely credit God's grace for anything good that comes in any of my sermons.

I don't often recommend any of my sermons to you, my blog reading public. However, the sermon I gave on Sunday, October 19th, covers some of the same ground I've been covering in this blog of late. In it I talk about the Christian's relationship to others in the midst of the political season. And I do so in the context of the Gospel lesson assigned for that day, the story of Jesus' being asked whether one should pay taxes to Caesar or not.

If that is a topic that interests you, may I recommend to you the latest sermon on our podcast. You can link to it on this blog, by searching "RedeemerCast" through the iTunes store, or simply following this link: