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I taught my third session about Colossians on Wednesday night last week. The audio is on my podcast, and here are the notes:


Every day, the average American is exposed to
“The key pathology of our time, which seduces us all, is the reduction of the imagination so that we are too numbed, satiated and co-opted to do serious imaginative work.” —Walter

“Vanquished peoples are not really subjects until their imagination has been taken captive . . .
As long as long as they harbor dreams of a social reality alternative to the empire, they are a threat to the empire. . . And until that imagination is broken, domesticated and reshaped in the image of the
empire, the people are still free.”
—Walsh and

By a reasonable estimate, each of us is exposed to about 500 advertising messages per day.

The Scripture I read is
Colossians 2:6 through the end of the chapter, from the Today's New International Version. The "Targum" I read from is found in Colossians Remixed (though I modified the targum somewhat for the group). I do not have copyright permission to reproduce those here for you.

Can you Imagine. . .

Experiencing the deep love of the

Father God for you.

Building relationships

with the lonely and the poor.

Trusting Jesus.

Worshiping God at Kroger.

The Bible shaping your heart and life.

Obeying Jesus in relationship,

rather than following regulations

Failing and falling, and

being restored without shame or fear.

Choosing to downsize your possessions.

Being so real with one another

that you can say and hear

difficult truths.

Praying at all times in the Spirit.

Suffering real pain,

and knowing Christ’s peace in the middle of it.

Politics that subvert both “red” and “blue”

Using money as a tool for God’s Kingdom.

By God’s grace, breaking through

old patterns of sin and addiction.


Equipping and encouraging others

in their new-found faith.

Reordering your life around

who and what is of true value.