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Into the Desert

Early on Monday morning, I am getting on a plane for New Mexico. I will be spending the week at the Monastery of Christ in the Desert. This will be my tenth annual trip.

As usual, I have mixed emotions about going. On one hand, it's so awesome. I get to spend a lot of time by myself in a place that I love. I will be praying, reading, working, chanting, hiking, and spending some quality non-verbal time with the monks. On the other hand, it is pretty scary. I will be isolated from all the people and things that usually fill my time. There is no electricity in the guest area, no phones, no cell service, no internet. I also make the choice to bring very little with me. I won't have a computer or ipod touch or DVD player or any of those things I can waste a lot of time with.

I will miss my family, Laura especially and the girls of course. I will feel alone (sometimes I travel with a friend, but this year I am not).

This year I am doing something different. I am going to video blog the experience. Usually I take a camera and take pictures of things. This year I'm bringing my little video camera to record my experiences. Those blog posts will then appear here on this blog, and on facebook, over the following couple of weeks.

Voices are louder in the desert. They have so much less to compete with. They echo among the cliffs. They fly unfettered over the barren landscape. God's voice is louder. Satan's voice is louder. The voices in my head are louder. Pray for me, that I might here the first voice loudest of all.

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