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Joe the Plumber

Last night, both candidates talked about a guy they called "Joe the Plumber." Here is an interview with the guy who's name was mentioned ten times.

It is apparent to me from this interview that Joe is an intelligent, thoughtful man who has definitely made his choice of whom to vote for. Watching this, I grew to really like Joe. And whether you agree with his choice or not, his admonition to all of us to look into the facts for ourselves is worth watching.

By the way, you will hear in this interview that Joe does not fall into the 250k plus tax bracket, meaning that Obama's promised plan would not raise his taxes currently. I think he is saying that even if he buys the company, which is his plan, he wouldn't make 250k, though he would obviously hope to at some point. Anyway, it's a good clip, though this point is a bit confusing to me.

UPDATE: Here is an interesting "fact check" from CNN about this story.

Embedded video from CNN Video

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