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Law School

My lovely wife, L-- (who doesn't like to have her name or picture posted on-line) just found out that she has been accepted into law school. Beginning in the fall, she will be a "flex time" student at the Cumberland School of Law. That is part of Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. Yes, she will be driving to back and forth to Birmingham for class.

This is the beginning of a journey for her, and all of us. It is also the end of a journey. Back in 1998, L-- discovered that she was pregnant. That same day, she got her acceptance letter from the University of Texas Law School. We lived a couple of hours away from Austin, and she would have had to commute while pregnant and a new mother. That just wouldn't work. So we decided that when the kids were old enough she would apply and go back to school.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge, and two wonderful daughters have come into our lives. Now that the girls are older and in school, the time has come.

I am so excited for her. This is something she has dreamed about doing as long as I've known her. I'm grateful to the Lord for this great school that gives here the flexibility to take half the usual number of classes. We have prayed about this and talked about it and shared it with our dearest friends. And now it's official. She is going to be an amazing lawyer.

Starting in the fall, things are going to be different around our house. But I could not be more happy, and I'm looking forward to all the amazing things that God is going to do.