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Letter From the Chief of Police

Here is the letter I just got from the Nashville Chief of Police.

After reviewing Sunday’s incident, the Metropolitan Police Department and the Davidson County District Attorney’s Office were in agreement that word be sent to Mr. Gurode informing him that the police department would assist him in prosecuting Mr. Haynesworth if he elected that course of action.

Mr. Gurode's affirmative decision to prosecute and his acknowledgement of cooperation in an investigation/prosecution are vitally important. Without his involvement and cooperation, prosecution is not expected. An affirmative decision to be part of the investigative and prosecutorial process is necessary of almost all victims.

Certainly, in cases of domestic violence where there is an element of intimidation and in cases of assault involving the incapacity of the victim, police officers and prosecutors will initiate action on the victim's behalf. In this situation, intimidation and incapacity are not present and Mr. Gurode's cooperation and commitment to the prosecutorial process are necessary.

The Metropolitan Police Department relayed to the General Counsel for the Dallas Cowboys that detectives would assist Mr. Gurode if he desired to seek prosecution. On Monday afternoon, the Cowboys organization informed the police department that Mr. Gurode was not interested in pursuing a criminal action at this time. On Monday evening, Mr. Gurode’s agent said his client would be discussing his options with his family. If Mr. Gurode requests police department assistance, that assistance will be provided.


Ronal Serpas
Chief of Police