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The Life of a Priest: Introduction

The Reverend Tish Harrison Warren lives in Austin, but she used to live with her family in Nashville. She and her husband, Jonathan, were ordained in the Anglican Church through Church of the Redeemer.  They are both new to ordained ministry. A few weeks ago, Tish asked if she could send me some practical questions about being a priest. Here's what she said about her questions:

I am getting ordained in March and have the great gift of Fr. Thomas being, not only my husband’s and my friend and former priest, but also our official diaconal supervisor. I realized I have a bunch of really pragmatic questions, things that are kind of in the realm of those in ministry and liturgy wonks that would never be something that would come up in a sermon or a book of theology. I wanted to interview Thomas about all this day-to-day mundane priestly ordinariness and he was nice enough to let me.

I've started answering her questions, and my answers are being posted at I'm reposting here for my readers. Enjoy!