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LiveBlogging The DALLAS/giants Game

As a HUGE, lifelong, Dallas Cowboys fan, I am pumped to see them as the first seed in the playoffs. Today they are playing against the division rival Giants, whom they beat TWICE in the regular season.

So, I am liveblogging this game, my first liveblog ever. So here it goes.


E-- and I are on the couch, waiting for the game to start. I'm wearing my official jersey, she's wearing all blue and white. She has a sign on her that says "Go Cowboys," and she's got these silver ball things on her head. She knows how to party.

An ad for Cloverfield is on. I am so there.

"The New York Giants feel it's simply their turn." Yeah, it is your turn Brandon Jacobs. Turn to get your butt whooped!

First Quarter

Jacobs is looking pretty good right now. But he's going to wear himself out. Oh, Eli got pressured and just threw. Too bad we didn't get an interception. This time.
Bad call, blown tackle, Toomer takes it in. Giants score a touchdown. Barf.

Cowboys three and out. TO, you gotta catch those balls. Now the D has got to stop these guys. Come on.

Do we have a Defensive Line? Oh, I spoke to soon. Thank God, they have to punt!


Now we've got some Offense! Great catch for T.O., and now Marion Barber great run.
My Boys have come 90 yards, and they we've got five more to go as the first quarter ends.

Second Quarter

OK, that was a weird promo comparing the election to a football game.

TO just scored. Or did he? Under review. TOUCHDOWN YAY. Looks like our boy is back! 7-7

Go Big D! Go Defense. Oh, stupid penalty. Oh, I love to see Eli sacked! Ha Ha Ha. Oh, stupid penalty. We've got it on our own 9.

I love watching Marion Barber run a guy down like some kind of truck.

I love Terry Glenn, and there he is. So great to see him catch and run! First Down.
Five third down conversions in a row. This is the longest drive I have ever seen.

Two Minute Warning
We're knocking on the door. Got to get it in. Oh my goodness, I'm dying. Oh, and I'm pumped about the new Terminator series!
Marion Barber gets the call. My Fantasy Football Barber gets the TD!!!!!

Now Eli. Throw it in the ground again, Eli, that's all you're good for.
Are we about to give up a field goal because of a stupid facemask? Come on, Defense, what are you doing to me? Oh, no way. A TD. In 45 seconds? Oh that riles me up.


Cowboys have it. Barber is doing great, but can't Romo throw every once in a while? Oh, I guess he can throw it. First Down! And Julius Jones needs to take a bench. Great drive, Romo has a great run, but then we end up with a field goal. Now we'll see if our defense has had enough rest . . .

Oh, and this stupid computer keeps freezing and shutting down. I think I've had seven restarts. I bet my Toshiba is a Giants fan. It is Giants Blue. I should have known.

I love to see Demarcus Ware put Eli in the dirt. HA HA
Third and long, boys. Let's show 'em how we stop the bad guys.
SWEET. Guess we get a punt, and perhaps another LONG drive? We'll see.
Oh, we got it on the 20. Nice.

NO. A dropped pass from Crayton, and now the Giants have a great punt return.

Fourth Quarter
Another quick Giants score. What does Brandon Jacob have against the play clock?

I hate Patrick Crayton. And I love Jason Witten. Maybe Crayton should have gone to Mexico?
How many times are they going to advertise Tom Petty playing the Superbowl. Is he still alive?
Sacked Romo. Ouch. They put some serious pressure. Darn it.

Finally the Defense holds. 4th and 1, the Giants punt. Crayton drops it, but at least he falls on it. I hate Crayton.

I'm starting to understand how the Packers fans feel watching Favre. He kills you on one down, and then saves you on the next one. This could be a very difficult journey.

I'm getting very unhappy.

Two Minute Warning
Cowboys D came up big. Down 4. Two Minutes Left. This is where legends are made. Or not. We will see. GO COWBOYS!!!!

That sucked. I blame our Offensive line, who just could not protect Romo in the fourth quarter. And Crayton, who just couldn't catch the ball. There were some bad decisions, but there it is.

So I guess now we'll go 12 years without winning a playoff game. Well, Go Packers!

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