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Looking for Christ

Advent is a time of preparation for the coming of Christ.  On one hand, how is that even possible?  After all, Christ’s coming has nothing to do with me.  He came the first time without my permission.  He likely won’t wait for me to get my act together before he comes the second time.

On the other hand, Jesus teaches us to “stay alert” at all times for his coming. (Mark 13:35)  Yes, this means that his second coming might happen any time.  But it also means that he might show up in my life in new ways at any moment.

During Advent, the Church is summoned to pay particular attention to Jesus' command to stay alert.  So, how will I stay alert for Christ today?  The best I can think to do is to begin with prayer.  I take a moment to ask the Lord to keep me on the alert for his presence.  I ask the Holy Spirit to fill me today so that I may be prepared for whatever God might do.

And then I watch.  Maybe I'll hear him in a snippet of conversation, or see him in my wife's kindness.  Maybe I'll run into him on the street or in my office or at the hospital.  Maybe I will have a sense of his presence while I'm praying or listening to music or driving to pick up my kids. 

If I don’t notice him, that’s OK.  My task is to stay alert, he will do the rest.