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McCain Among the Republicans

So I'm sitting here listening to John McCain. A couple of things are striking to me thus far into his acceptance speech.

He seems like a decent, honorable, strong man. He sounds like a moderate making moderate promises. Given most of the other speeches I've heard at this convention, he sounds like a middle-of-the-road man surrounded by angry partisans.

I'm not sure some of his fellow Republicans will be entirely pleased with him. He's talking about green energy, and attacking big oil and other major corporations. He is taking swipe after swipe at the failures of both parties, and he's being pretty even-handed. He's distancing himself from the NeoCons and the Bush administration. Not by name, but he is getting his point across.

When he talks about how Republicans have failed, I'm not hearing much cheering. Certainly he is no Democrat and no liberal. He's hitting most of the conservative notes. But compared to the a lot of his colleagues, he seems amazingly, even strangely, non-partisan.

"We need to change the way government does almost everything." That is a huge thing to say, especially given that his own party has been in charge for most of the past eight years.

It seems to me that this speech is aimed at those who are undecided about this election. It is not a drum up the base speech. In fact, I don't think he's even said "my fellow Republicans" or anything like that.

At the end of his speech, he encouraged folks to take personal responsibility to care for the poor, to fight oppression, and work for justice. He had given his wife as an example of this at the beginning of the speech. I wish he had said how he intends to address poverty, oppression, and in injustice as president; or event that he intends to address these past encouraging volunteerism.

Overall, I was impressed with McCain's speech, as I was also impressed by Obama's (though for different reasons). This promises to be a great struggle, but hopefully a civil one.

Now let's see how media and the partisans make this about minor personality issues rather than the issues.

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